Building Bharat: Top 15 Indian Softwares and Tools for Web Development

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The vibrant Indian tech scene continues to impress with its innovative contributions to the global software landscape. When it comes to web development, Indian developers have access to a wealth of homegrown tools that go beyond affordability, offering cutting-edge features, robust functionalities, and cater specifically to the needs of the local market.

Whether you're a seasoned developer or just starting out, consider exploring these 15 top Indian softwares and tools to empower your web development journey:

Frontend Development:

  1. UI.Vision: Create interactive prototypes without coding in minutes, fostering seamless collaboration and design iteration. (Bangalore)
  2. Pine Labs: Simplify payment processing for your web app with their seamless solutions, catering to the specific needs of the Indian market. (Noida)
  3. Chargebee: Simplify recurring billing management and streamline your subscription business with automated invoicing and dunning. (Chennai)

Backend Development:

  1. Postman: Revolutionize API testing and collaboration with an intuitive interface and robust features. Their Indian development team plays a key role in shaping this global favorite. (Bangalore)
  2. Zoho Creator: Build custom web applications quickly and efficiently using Zoho's low-code platform, perfect for both developers and non-technical users. (Chennai)
  3. Appwrite: Leverage this open-source BaaS platform to handle user authentication, databases, storage, and functions, reducing development time and complexity. (India)
  4. Hasura: Instantly generate GraphQL APIs from your existing databases, streamlining data access and consumption within your web application. (Bangalore)

Full-Stack Development:

  1. Drupe: This open-source CMS offers flexibility and scalability, making it a powerful choice for complex web projects. An active Indian community contributes to its continuous development. (Global)
  2. BrowserStack: Ensure a seamless user experience across different browsers and devices with BrowserStack's comprehensive cross-browser testing platform. (Mumbai)
  3. Chargebee: (mentioned earlier but relevant here too) Manage recurring billing effortlessly and focus on building your core product. (Chennai)

Other Essential Tools:

  1. Freshdesk: Deliver exceptional customer service with Freshdesk's omnichannel support solutions, enhancing user experience and building trust. (Chennai)
  2. Piwik Pro: Analyze your website traffic and gain valuable insights while respecting user privacy with Piwik Pro's robust web analytics platform. (Paris, Significant Indian Development Team)
  3. Gupshup: Engage your users meaningfully with Gupshup's conversational AI platform, building intelligent chatbots that answer questions and provide support. (Bangalore)
  4. Unnati: Collaborate effectively with your team using Unnati's project management platform, designed specifically for the Indian startup ecosystem. (Bangalore)
  5. Instamojo: Accept payments easily and securely with Instamojo's payment gateway, ideal for online businesses of all sizes. (Bangalore)

Bonus Tip: Support open-source projects developed in India! Your contributions can fuel the growth of the local tech community and shape the future of web development tools.

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