Sustainable WordPress Development

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What we offer

Sustainable Design

Commit to eco-conscious design practices that minimize environmental impact and contribute to a greener digital future.

Code Optimization

Streamline your website to minimize energy consumption

Green Hosting

Partner with providers powered by renewable energy sources

Accessibility focus

Prioritize inclusivity in sustainable website development by ensuring user-friendly interfaces for diverse audiences.

Content Optimization

Enhance user experience and eco-consciousness by strategically placing interactive elements for efficient content delivery.


The carbon footprint of a single webpage load can range from 0.6g to 7.6g, depending on its size and complexity.


Optimized website reduces its carbon footprint by up to 80%. That's ~1,400 gallons of gasoline per year per 10,000 visitors.


Global data centers use 3% of the world's electricity, with that number projected to grow exponentially


Communications tech will emit more carbon by 2025 than any country except China, India, and the U.S.


A standard data center guzzles an astounding 11 to 19 million liters of water each day!

Check Your Websites Carbon:

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